ARTS aims to create an area of ​​research, discussion, criticism, and questioning in the fields of humanities and arts. Hence it provides an opportunity to bring together different disciplines in the common ground. From this point of view, ARTS is published to announce to the related communities the works of scientists, artists, and researchers at above-mentioned topics, themes, and disciplines; and in this context to create a new publicity. Therefore, to share with the intended communities the results of the prepared researches, examinations and projects; to provide the possibility of publication to academics and researchers which are conducting academic studies in these areas; to form a basis for discussion of the problematics on the sociological, philosophical, technical and educational within the artistic and human-scientific disciplines are going to be the most incarnational outputs of ARTS in accordance with its purpose.


Academic studies in Turkish, English, German and French are accepted to ARTSEach issue may include translation studies, which are determined or selected by the editor or editorial board.

In the ARTS, texts are allows for the journal on various topics from local artistic traditions to transnational approaches, from popular approaches to classical narratives, from contemporary artistic elements to social themes, from the wide range of different theoretical approaches to the diversity of humanities, from artistic research to different artistic genres and artist profiles.