Author Guidelines


General Publication Policies

1. Atatürk University Journal of Agricultural Faculty  publish original research articles, review articles, short communications, technical notes and letter to editor in various fields of agriculture. The Journal is published three times per year.

2. Articles submitted through DergiPark (( by corresponding author must be original, previously unpublished, and not under consideration for publication in any other scientific or technical journal.

3. Papers could be written in either Turkish or English. Corresponding author should upload the manuscript together with Copyright Transfer Agreement Form signed by all authors to DergiPark System. Manuscripts which fall outside the aims and scope of the journal or is not enough for requirements of Journal Instruction are rejected. .

4. The manuscripts are sent to at least two referees (to the third referee when necessary) which are determined editor and/or editorial board. The Editorial Board decides whether a paper reviewed and evaluated by referees is accepted or rejected for publication. The processing of the manuscript is 3-6 months. The manuscript accepted for publication will be forwarded to the corresponding author for correcting them according to the suggestions of the referees. The manuscript corrected in according to the suggestions is sent back to corresponding author from the system again.

5. All responsibility of the published articles belongs to the author (s).

6. In the article evaluation process, the similarity rate of the articles presented by using iThenticate and Turnitin software is evaluated. The similarity of the submitted article must be below 20% without including the references part.

7. After the manuscript is accepted, the corresponding author will be required to transfer Manuscript Fee to the account of Vakıfbank Atatürk University Bank Branch of Atatürk University Journal of Agricultural Faculty (IBAN: TR780001500158007287616201) and bank receipt sent to Publication Coordinator by e-mail. The Journal publication fee is 100 TL up to 16 printing page each accepted article. The author is required to pay 10 TL for each additional page. Colored pages fee is settled additionally.

Manuscript Submission

1. Manuscripts submitted to Atatürk University Journal of Agriculture Faculty should be written in Microsoft Word format with Times News Roman 12 font size and double-spaced. Page layout should be A4 format and margins should be 4 cm from the top, 2.5 cm from the bottom, right and left. Page numbers should be located on the right bottom side of the paper and lines should be numbered The manuscripts which are not suitable for the conditions related to the formatting are returned back to the author(s) without sending to the referees.

2. The manuscript should consist of the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, References. The Results and Discussion sections might be merged and ‘Conclusion and Suggestions’ and ‘Acknowledge’ sections can be added if preferred. The main headings of the manuscript and the first letter of sub-heading should be written capital letters.

Title: The title of the manuscript should be written in bold (first letters in capital letters) and in the center of the page. The title should be brief and should reflect all aspects of the work published. The organisation(s) supporting the research and some other information such as the project, thesis, information etc. can be specified as footnotes. Footnotes must be shown in the title with “*’.

The names and addresses of the author(s): The name(s) of the author(s) should be written clearly (do not include academic degrees). All authors’ addresses and corresponding author’s e-mail address should be indicated.

Abstracts: The abstract should concisely state the scope of the work, the methodology and the results. The abstract should be written as a single paragraph, with a limit of 200 words. The abstract is published in both Turkish and English. Keywords should not exceed 6 words.

Introduction: The purpose of the study should be clearly explained and the importance of the subject should be emphasized with the current literature.

Materials and Methods: All materials and methods used in the study should be explained in detail.

Results and Discussion: The results in the study should be presented in detail and they should be discussed with the current study results.

Acknowledge: All the contribution for manuscript preparation from people, grants, funds, must be indicated in this section.    

Tables and Figures: Figures, graphics and photographs should be given as figure. Tables and figures must be numbered according to their sequence in the text and be referred to in the text. Figures should be 600 dpi (JPG) resolution. Title of the figures and tables should be given both English and Turkish if manuscript is submitted in Turkish (Example: Şekil 1. Erzurum il haritası /Figure 1. Erzurum district map). The titles of the tables should be placed at the heading of the tables, and the title of the figures should be under them.

Units, Abbreviations and Nomenclature: All data should be expressed in metric units; use of SI units is encouraged. Genus and species names should be written in italics.

Citation style: Author-year system should be used in the text (Yılmaz, 2015), for papers with two authors, name both: Akçay and Turgut (2018), with three or more authors, use ‘et al.’ Güzel et al. (2014). For two or more articles with same author name and date; add a distinguishing letter to the year in both text and list (Canbolat, 2017a; 2017b).

Conflict of interest: The authors should declare that they are no conflict of interest.

References: Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list. The references used in the text should be listed in alphabetical order according to author-year system as follows.  Journal titles abbreviated according to common usage. For instance; Atatürk Univ. Ziraat Fak Derg.

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