The aim of Yearbook of Turkic Studies - Belleten is to support the improvement of Turkish language studies and the advance in qualified language researches.  The journal provides a scientific platform concerning various contemporary and historical topics, which will attract the Turkish language researchers’ attention and will interest a large audience of readers who pursue their studies on language while also introducing the works on the field and bringing them to the attention of researchers.


• The Belleten journal, which is an international refereed journal, is published once a year as one volume and two issues. (June and December)

• In Belleten, there are scientific writings that treat the history, present state, the grammar and current problems of Turkish language.

• In the journal, there are also writings, which introduce authors, and works that treat the history of Turkish language, its present state, Turkish grammar and its current problems and that announce the new activities.

• The writings sent to be published in Belleten journal must not have been published anywhere else. The proceedings presented at congresses and conference papers may be sent on condition that they are not published in proceedings books.

• The general publishing language of the journal is Turkish but articles in contemporary Turkish written languages and in English, German, French and Russian are also included.

• The abstracts of articles to be sent to the journal should have abstracts of at least 100 and at most 200 words in Turkish and English and key words in both languages should be on the first page.

• The writings received by the journal are published after the necessary referee examinations. The editorial board has the right not to publish the articles sent. The Editorial Board/ Editor may make small corrections on the articles published that will not impair their integrity.

• The articles sent are not given back whether they are published or not.

• A royalty is paid for the articles published in the journal in accordance with the relevant regulations.Yearbook of Turkic Studies - Belleten does not charge for article submission and processing.

• The opinions brought forward in the articles published in the journal and the article’s legal liability are the author’s responsibility.

• The Turkish Language Association Spelling Dictionary should be considered in the articles sent to the journal (including the abbreviations).

• The articles, photographs, tables and figures in the journal may not be quoted from without providing reference.

• The articles asked to be published in the journal should be sent via Publication Tracking System (YAYSİS) on the address

             • The articles published previously in the journal may be accessed via Publications/Periodicals Database on the webpage of Turkish Language Institution.