Article Submission

General Information About Article Submission

Here are some information for the authors who will apply to our journal about the processes they can encounter. Researchers who will submit for publication should read the following explanations carefully and arrange their work according to these issues.

A. Publication Application Process

The articles submitted to the Journal of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Theology must be prepared according to the following points:

1. PhD students, as a single author; graduate students with the supervisor –first author student; second author supervisor- can send their work to Journal of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Theology.

2. In the case of book review only the studies which written by someone who has doctorate degree are examined.

3. Journal of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Theology is published as printed and online twice a year on 15 March and on 15 September. Articles are accepted between 15 September and 10 January for the issue of 15 March and between 15 March and 10 July for the issue of 15 September. 

4. In the first page of study sent to Journal of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Theology, there must be author’s name, institution name, ORCID and a phone number suitable to ISNAD Citation Style.

5. For the articles and translation studies, the upper limit are 9.000 words, for other studies, the limit is 1500. Permission letter/mail which taken from author of translation articles should be added.

5. During submission, 100-150 words Turkish and English abstract and at least 5 Turkish and English keywords should be written. For the articles which approved by referee, a 750 words Turkish and English extended summaries are required.

6. Studies should be written as given at least 2,5 cm margins, in Times News Roman font, 12 pt. and 1,5 row pitch; on the other hand footnotes should written as 10 pt. and single line pitch.

7. In the citation and bibliography of the studies, the ISNAD Citation Style should be used:

8. Journal of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Theology is immediate open access except for commercial use. OAI:

9. Copyrights of the articles which sent and accepted to publish is deemed to transfer Journal of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Theology.

10. Scientific, intellectual and literary responsibilities of published articles belong to their author.

11. One printed copy of the manuscripts are sent to the authors.

B. Publication Review Process

Preliminary Examination and Plagiarism Screening

The study is reviewed by the editor for compliance with the journal publication principles, academic writing rules and the ISNAD Citation Style and it is scanned about plagiarism by using iThenticate program. Placenta similarity rate to be less than %20 condition required. This review is completed in max. 10 days.

Section Editor Review

The study which was carried out Preliminary Examination is examined by the related section editor in terms of problematic and academic language-style. This review is completed in maximum 15 days.

Referee Process (Academic Evaluation)

The study, which is subjected to review by the section editor, is submitted to the evaluation of at least two referees who has doctoral thesis, book or article. The arbitration process is carried out confidentially within the framework of double-blind rewiew. 

The referee is required to present his / her opinion about the reviewed study either on the text or to justify it with an explanation of at least 150 words on the online referee form. 

The author can express his / her objections and opinions, if he / she does not agree the opinion of the referee. The field editor provides mutual communication between the author and the referee, while maintaining confidentiality. 

The arbitration process is completed within a maximum of 30 (20 + 10) days. If both of the referee reports are positive, the study is submitted to the Editorial Board with a proposal for evaluation of its publication. In case one of the two judges declares negative opinion, the study is sent to a third referee. 

The studies can be published at least two positive decisions. Translated articles are sent to language and related field experts to assess the appropriateness of the original, the proper use of space concepts and language. The translation which the experts’ stated negative opinions are not published. 

The publication of book and symposium reviews and dissertation abstracts is decided as a result of the evaluation of the related field editors.

Correction Phase

In the case of referees requesting proofreading in the text that they are examining, relevant reports are sent to the author and they are asked to correct them. The correction is requested to be completed within 10 days. The author presents his corrections by specifying red color to the section editor.

Section Editor Control

The field editor checks whether the author makes the requested corrections in the text. The inspection process is completed within a max. of 5 days.

Referee Control

The referee who requests correction checks whether the author has made any corrections requested from him in the text. The inspection process is completed within a max. of 7 days.

Preparing Extended Summary

At least 750 words English Extended Summary have requested from author who their works approved as can be published by the referee. The inspection process is completed within a maximum of 7 days.

Turkish Language Control

The works which are passed through the referees and which have added an extended summary are examined by Language Editor and if necessary the author is asked for correction. The inspection process is completed within a maximum of 15 days.

English Language Control

The works which are passed through the Turkish Language Control are examined by English Language Editor and if necessary the author is asked for correction. The inspection process is completed within a max. of 15 days.

Editorial Board Review

The works which are passed through technical, academic and linguistic examination, final broadcast status is decided with review of Editorial Board. In case of objection from the members, the Board shall decide by majority vote.

Typesetting and Layout

The works which decided to be published by the Editorial Board, are made ready for publication by making typesetting and layout of the works.

Data Transmission to the Indexes

The printed copies of the published issue shall be submitted to local and external reference libraries within 60 days at the latest; article metadata is transmitted to Indexes in 15 days.