The Journal is dedicated to building a platform for academicians, market players and those who interested in Islamic economics and finance studies to share, discuss, evaluate and distribute their work and opinions.


International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance Studies (IJISEF) is an international, academic, periodical and double blind peer-reviewed journal published by Centre of Political Economic and Social Research (PESA) in collaboration with Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (RECISEF). 

The Journal particularly focuses on topics related to:

- Islamic Economics,

- Islamic Banking,

- Islamic Financial Markets,

- Islamic Governance, 

- Fiqh Muamalat,

- Islamic Insurance (Takaful),

- Islamic Accounting,

- Islamic Business,

- Islamic Wealth Management,

- Islamic Financial Institutions,

- Islamic Economic Thought,

- History of Islamic Economics,

- Zakat and Waqf,

and other relevant topics.