Publication Rules

The Publication Rules of Journal of Aviation and Space Studies-JASS 

1. Journal of Aviation and Space Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes biannually. The journal publishes in Turkish and English.
2. The manuscripts sent to Journal of Aviation and Space Studies should not be a previously printed/ electronically published work or under consideration/ peer review for publication elsewhere. In case a copy or a counterpart of the submitted or reviewed manuscript is detected to be submitted or published elsewhere the process is cancelled.
3. All manuscripts submitted to the journal are subject to pre-review as to form and content. Manuscripts that do not conform to the format are returned to the author by the redactors. Manuscripts found suitable as to form and content are sent to field editors by the editors to appoint the reviewers. If it is necessary, manuscripts are sent to a third reviewer. The whole process related to manuscript evaluation is established online through Dergipark.
4. Acceptance of manuscripts to the review processes will be concluded no later than 4 weeks.
5. Authors should declare their titles, institutions, contact information, email addresses and ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) (
6. If deemed appropriate, a reviewer is appointed to the articles that are evaluated by the editorial board.
7. Based on reports of reviewers, it is decided if the article will be published, sent to authors for correction, supplementary information and abridgement or not published in accordance with the criticisms and suggestions of reviewers. Author(s) are informed with the decision.
8. Author(s) are responsible from the opinions expressed in the articles. The journal claims no responsibility for judgements, quotations and proposed ideas of the author(s).
9. Author(s) or the readers are not charged a fee. No payments are made to the reviewers and the editors or author(s) of the accepted manuscripts as a royalty.
10. Articles should comply with the spelling book and manuscript writing rules of The Turkish Language Association (TLA). For further information, please visit: Turkish words should be preferred instead of borrowed words.
11. University of Turkish Aeronautical Association possesses the right of publication for all the accepted and published articles in print and electronical mediums.
12. About article presentation and evaluation processes author(s) are contacted through Dergipark. No information is given on the phone.