Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Journal of  Education Faculty, publishes experimental, observational, applied or theoretical papers challenging to existing educational or learning theories; testing the whole or part of a theory; adding new dimensions to an existing theory; suggesting new methods, approaches or techniques in education; and evaluating existing teaching and learning materials within the framework of teaching, learning and educational theories. A paper to be published in this journal must be original in the sense that it should be different from the similar papers in the relevant literature with its at least one significant quality.

Reviewing process
A manuscript submitted to this journal is reviewed by three reviewers. If the two of the reviewers report that the manuscript can be published, this is enough for the publication of the manuscript. This journal is a thrice-blind peer reviewed journal; the author(s) does/do not know who the reviewers are, reviewers do not know who the author(s)is/are, and a reviewer does not know who other two reviewers are.

Submit your manuscript
To submit a manuscript, please register first, and then login using the ID and the password you created during the registration.
Before submitting your manuscript, please make sure that your manuscript meets at least one of the following requirements.
My/Our manuscript
  1. is an experimental one which is testing a hypothesis or suggesting new hypotheses to an existing theory,
  2. is an observational one which is evaluating a hypothesis or suggesting new hypotheses to an existing theory, 
  3. is an applied one (in the sense that  e.g. I/we collected data after I/we apply some kind of training, teaching, or I/we have the subjects produce some kind of verbal or behavioral data) where I/we analyze the data itself for its qualitative features, instead of the frequencies only, to add new dimensions to an existing theory,
  4. analyze seducational materials, educational environments or the education itself in relation to learning, teaching or any relevant theories,

A manuscript which meets at least one of the above criteria must be original in that it has to be different, at least with its one quality, from similar papers published in the relevant literature.

The manuscripts need not to be adjusted to the journals typesetting style before you are notified that the manuscript has been accepted for publication. However, it has to be in the following format:
  • Manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word Document file format.
  • Name(s) of the author(s) must certainly be deleted from the reviewer version.
  • Although it is not apparent, Word documents contain the name of the author, institution etc., which is called metadata, in the background and it can be seen when the reader checks “Document Properties”. To remove the metadata, click on the File tab, then on the Info and then on Check for issues button. From the drop down menu, click on Inspect Document, and then click on the Inspect button at the bottom of the widow opens. Under the Document Properties and Personal Information, you will see the metadata found (Usually, “*Document properties and *Author). If you click on the button Remove All, all the metadata will be removed. Just to be sure, click on Reinspect button Then Save the document.
  • The manuscript must have a Title, an Abstract(No more than 200 words), Keywords (Six keywords), Main Text and then References (must listed alphabetically). Main text must be easy to process in that it should have Headings and subheadings. The manuscript must not contain more than 8000 wordsincluding Title, Abstract, Keywords and References.
  • Tables, figures, graphics, photographs etc. must be given in the text. They should be numbered consecutively.
  • Sample data in languages other than the language of the manuscript should be translated into the language of the manuscript in the following way:
    The child/Boy a frog find-EVD.PAST
    The boy (apparently) found a frog.
    Please follow The Leipzig Glossing Rules in morphological analysis of sentences (http://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua/resources/glossing-rules.php )
  • References must be in APA (5th Edition) style ( visit http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx)
  • Submission of the manuscript is also considered as a statement by the author(s) stating that the manuscript is original, belonging to the author(s), has not been published previously (except for as a conference presentation or an academic thesis) and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. 
Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Journal of  Education Faculty is published quarterly; in March, June, September and December
Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Journal of  Education Faculty is indexed by ULAKBIM: the national academic database system in Turkey, ASOS: Social Sciences Index and Akademik Dizin: Akademik Türk Dergileri İndexi.
Journal History
Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Journal of  Education Faculty has been being published since the year 2000.

This journal is an open access one having the idea that access to scientific knowledge has to be easy and free worldwide.
The names, e-mails addresses and other personal information entered in the registration system will only be used for publication processes but for no other purposes.