General Principles of Publication


Our journal is an international peer-reviewed  e-journal which is being published since 2011. The Journal that publishes scientific texts in the fields of relevant disciplines of social sciences especially Economics, Business Administration, Management, Healthcare Management, Political Science, Public Administration and International Relations that related to it’s faculty’s activity.


It is expected to include new and noteworthy opinions or reviews of other studies that have been published previously from the manuscripts submitted for to be publish in the Journal of the Dicle University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Place may be given to the articles that introduce books and similar academic publications and authors, and also articles announcing scientific activities.

Manuscripts must be unpublished or accepted for publication elsewhere. Papers presented in a scientific meeting may be accepted that it is clearly stated on the first page of the manuscript as a footnote.


The publication language of the Journal of the Dicle University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is Turkish. Articles written in English can also be published.


Articles to be sent to the journal should be uploaded only from DergiPark address of our journal on the  


The copyright of the manuscripts accepted is deemed to be transferred to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Dicle University.

Submitted texts are checked through the Plagiarism by Plagiarism Control Softwares during the editorial evaluation phase.

Studies with more than 20% plagiarism and similarity rates are excluded from the evaluation at this stage.

Manuscripts that are not accepted for publication shall not be returned to their authors.

Citations can be quoted from published articles provided that the references are shown.

Responsibilities of opinions and preferences of spellingin the published articles belong to the authors.


The Journal of the Dicle University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is published as two issues per year in May and in Spring in Novamber in Fall. For special reasons such as scientific meetings and current scientific developments, special or additional issues may be published.


Scientific objectivity, academic ethics, contribution to the relevant discipline and compliance with the rules of journal publication are the most important criteria for evaluating the manuscripts sent to the Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Dicle University.

Editorial Pre-Evaluation

The manuscripts are examined in terms of compliance with the principles of the Journal Publication, and those who are not considered in the preliminary examination and passed the plagiarism program and whose similarity rate is above 20% are returned to the author for correction. In addition, those who are eligible to work are referred to the Field Editors for preliminary assessment regarding their eligibility and contributions to the scientific discipline.

Scientific Review of Referees

As a result of preliminary examinations of the field editors, the manuscripts which are declared appropriate to the scientific discipline are sent to two referees in the relevant field.

The author's name and profession information is kept hidden while the articles are presented to the referees. In the same way, the referees' names are kept confidential while the results of the referees are submitted to the authors.

The referees indicate the points which they deem appropriate or corrected on the texts. The authors consider the criticis and suggestions of the referees. If they do not agree, they have the right to appeal with their justification.

If one of the referee reports is positive and the other is negative, the manuscript may be sent to a third referee or the Editorial Board may make a final decision by examining the referee reports.

Referee reports are stored in the Journal archive.